Products of Dawn Instrument Engineering

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  • All Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge.
  • Quality S.S Pressure Gauge.
  • Quality S.S Vacuum Gauge.
  • Quality S.S Compound Gauge.
  • Receiver Pressure Gauge.
  • Ammonia Gauge / Ferron Gauge.
  • Schaffers Diphragm Gauge.
  • Scaled Diaphragm Gauge.
  • Pulp Gauge.
  • Diaphragm Type Capsule gauge(Low Range)(m.mWC).
  • Compact Capsule gauge (Capsule inside the Case)MMWC/
  • Draught Gauge(m.m Water coloum).
  • Differential Pressure Gauge.
  • Digital Pressure Gauge.
  • Pressure Recorder/Temperature Recorder.
  • Recorder chart/Pen/Clock.
  • Hydraulic Pressure gauge Tester upto 1000kgs/cm2.
  • Dynamometer /Hydraulic jack/Hoses.
  • Pressure Regulator.
  • Hygroneter.
  • Pressure Gauge for Petrol Pump.
  • Tyre Gauge.
  • Mercury - in -Steel Thermometer.
  • Gas filled Thermometer.
  • Bi-Metalic Thermometer.
  • VAPOUR Pressure Thermometer.
  • Thermometer with Electric contact.
  • O.T.I & W.T. I for transformer.
  • Thermowell (S.S).
  • Accessories for Pressure & Temperature gauge.
  • Exhaust Glass Thermometer.
  • 'SIKA' Type Thermometer.
  • Thermocouples & RTDS.
  • Digital Temperture Indicator/Controller.
  • Digital Strip Chart Terperture Recorder.
  • Digital Multy Channel Temperature Indicator.
  • Transperant Tubular Level Gauge.
  • Reflex Flat Level Gauge.
  • Top/Side Mount Level Gauge.
  • Magnetic Liqued Level Gauge.
  • Flanges(S.S / M.S).
  • U Tube Manometer.
  • Inclined Tube Manometer.
  • Acerylic Body Manometer.
  • Digital Manometer.
  • Syphone.
  • Gauge Cock.
  • Socket.
  • Adopter.
  • Electric Contact.
  • Thermowell.
  • Flanges(S.S / M.S).
  • Glass Tube Rotameter.
  • Acrylic Body Rotameter.
  • By-Pass Rotameter.